«Stadium Metallurg» bus stop

Year: 2018
Area: 50 m2
Location: Russia, Nizhny Novgorod region, Wyksa
Status: competition project
Team: Kolomoets Boris, Obodovsky Ilya, Tatiana Lyoushkina, Katerina Koop

Bus stop #1
At the heart of the idea is a metal box painted outside in black, and in red from the inside. By cutting ribs and bending of the walls, the «box» creates the conditions for the diversion of water, viewing the approaching transport for passengers and places for sitting.
The structure of the pavilion is made of metal:
— the frame of the roof and walls is made of square pipes welded to each other and covered with a metal sheet

Bus stop #2
 Several images associated with the city and its functions were taken as a basis for the idea:
-«Metallurg» soccer stadium
— local metallurgical plant
The effect of main volume «levitation» is created due to the continuous glazing and reflective material.
Console removal of the roof on the torso creates additional protection from precipitation. Chaotically arranged metal stands — is a figurative reference to «trees in the park».
Since the name of the stadium is associated with «metal», the materials are matching the image.
The pavilion’s structure is made of metal and reinforced concrete bases:
— the roof frame is made of a channel and metal brackets welded to each other and cladded with metal stainless steel sheet
— Frameless glazing is attached to the roof and anchors in a concrete base
— An electric floor is provided in the concrete cushion
Lighting is formed of LED tape and spotlights